The Planning for the Future Initiative

What happens when a child loses a parent to a work-related fatality? How do families cope with a dramatic decrease in income because Mom or Dad cannot return to work due to an injury? In many cases, pursuing higher education seems unattainable. No student should be denied the opportunity to pursue an education due to lack of finances.

That’s where you come in. At Kids’ Chance of America, we believe that by investing in our children’s future through scholarships, we can provide them with the tools to be successful in the workplace so that they can make a difference in their own lives as well as the lives of others. Kids’ Chance of America is committed to identifying eligible scholarship applicants across the country. We would like to invite you to take part in the Planning for the Future Initiative, to help us find future students in need!

What is the Planning for the Future Initiative and How Can I Help?

Previously known as the Planning for College Initiative, the newly redesigned Planning for the Future Initiative is an all-inclusive program designed to reach potential scholarship applicants. We understand that attending college isn’t the only educational future students could choose, and we want to make our scholarships available to students that have a range of educational pursuits.

We are looking to provide industry professionals, specifically those who spend time in regular communication with seriously and fatally injured workers and families, with a simple tool to identify children in need. We collect and maintain contact information for these scholarship applicants so that we may reach out to them when the time comes to start considering life after high school.

We’ve already helped over 600 students, and with your assistance we can continue to grow that number. You can help us by sharing this program with your colleagues who come in contact with injured workers or their families, especially those that have children who could be eligible for a scholarship now or in the future. Planning for the Future materials can be found on our website, or to request Planning for the Future Cards, please contact our office at or call 484-945-9903.